The odds are against you

I was just scrolling through my Investor Blitz Instagram feed, and I came across a post from .

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour” – Elon Musk

This is a fantastic quote for all of us who are retail investors. Because, the odds are definitely stacked against us.

Who runs the markets? The institutions.

Who decides when stocks go up, and when they go down? The markets.

Who has millions upon millions of dollars invested in research, programs, and the world’s best readers and analysts? Wall Street.

So why would a retail investor – an average Joe or average Jane – be so foolish to put their money in the markets, without a professional advisor? Because we can!!

It’s true; the retail investor is at a big disadvantage. We are up against billions of dollars from the institutions every day. I can’t make a stock move, and neither can you. But an institution can.

Does it matter that I am fighting against billion dollar corporations like Goldman Sachs everyday? Nope! Not in the least bit.

Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? But here is the thing: I have a brain, I know how to read, and my eyes can see what’s going on.

I am confident in my research, and I keep my emotions at bay when my positions start to go south. I know, based on my research, that if a position of mine goes south, that the company is still a good company. I also know, based on experience and outside research, that the big institutions can play with a stock price. And, that the vast majority of retail investors are emotional and speculate to make their trades.

What is my point? Well, it’s simple. I simply do not believe that I have a huge disadvantage anymore. I don’t believe this, because I wanted something when I started investing. I wanted to eventually have a financially free life, and a secure retirement.

So I did the work. It’s not easy navigating the markets. But it is easy to read and learn what you are doing.

I think Musk hit it on the head; if you want it, you will find a way to make it happen.

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